NEURONAX is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated

to develop drugs for neurological disorders


Founded in 2003, NEURONAX is a biopharmaceutical and clinical-stage company developing innovative therapies for patients with traumatic or severe neurological disorders with high unmet medical needs. Neuronax’s ambition is to improve the recovery of the functionality and the quality of life of patients.



NEURONAX’s lead product NX210 is a first-in-class drug with high potential in many neurological disorders. The efficacy of this multi-functional peptide is supported by several preclinical proof of concept studies where we observed in vivo its capacities to regrow the nerve fibers after traumatic spinal cord injuries and to support functional recovery.



In addition, the multi-properties of NX210 and its patented analogs have driven us with a strong rationale and promising preliminary results in neurodegenerative diseases.



A Phase I Tolerance clinical trial is planned in patients with Spinal Cord Injury.