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Cell types

Cell engineering

- isolated cell culture or co-culture:
    - animal or human cells
    - healthy or disease model
    - primary cells or all commercially available cell lines
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- neural cells:

    - neurons (spinal cord motoneurons, DRG sensory neurons…)
    - glial cells (astrocytes, oligodendrocytes…)
    - mixed neuron/glia cultures
    - Schwann cells
    - neuroblastoma cell lines (B104, SH-SY…)
    - PC12 cell line

- stem cells:

    - mesenchymales stem cells
    - hematopoietic stem cells

- cell preparation and isolation
- cell expansion and differentiation:
    - media formulation and testing
    - expansion pro tocols can be developed or adapted to answer your needs
    - customized protocols for differentiation of your cells toward your choice of lineage
    - for research or clinical use of the cells

- cell cryopreservation: -80°C, liquid nitrogen
- cell qualification:

    - validation of cultured cell identity
    - choice of technique depending of state-of-art data for each cell type (phenotype, differentiation…)

- cell transfection:

    - stable or transient
    - customized protocols for each case