Executive Board

  • Yann GODFRIN, Ph.D.

    Chief Executive Officer

    15+ years of experience in management of biopharmaceutical companies focused product development. Co-founder, former CEO and CSO of ERYTECH Pharma, former CEO of Hemoxymed Europe, Dr Godfrin is an expert in pre-clinical and clinical product development strategy and has been consultant for several biotech companies. He is the inventor of more than 15 patents families and several scientific publications. Dr Godfrin holds a Ph.D. degree in Health & Life Sciences from the University of Nantes, an Engineer degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Compiegne and a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Drug Development from the University of Lyon.

  • Stéphane GOBRON, Ph.D.

    Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

    15+ years of experience in neuroregeneration and in biotech companies. Dr Gobron co-discovered SCO-spondin protein and selected its derivated-peptides. He founded Neuronax and served as its CEO until April 2014. Previously, he managed various projects in molecular diagnostic, therapeutics development and is involved in various professional associations (Biomac, GIMRA, Analgesia Partnership). Dr Gobron holds a Ph.D. degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Clermont-Ferrand.


Supervisory Board

The supervisory board is non-executive, advise and control the executive board of the company.

  • Pierre-Olivier GOINEAU

    President of the Supervisory Board

    +20 years of experience in business development, especially in biotech/biopharma area. Co-founder and former CEO of Erytech Pharma, Mr Goineau is former President of the association France Biotech, and is currently member of several supervisory boards.

  • François MICELI


    Representative of Sofimac Partners

    +25 years of experience as entrepreneur and in risk capital investment in biotech companies. François is graduated in biological engineering from UPEC Paris XII, in corporate finance at INSEAD and was an auditor at the IHDEN.

    He is Senior Partner in the Technological Team and Member of the Management Board of Sofimac Partners.

  • Philippe Du MESNIL


    Representative of Fa Dièse,

    Philippe Du MESNIL is former CEO at CEVA Santé Animale.